Konynenberg Software Engineering Phone: +31 20 6145474

High Tech, Full Service, Product Development Services

Unix, Linux, Internet, Etc

Konynenberg Software Engineering is a small, highly qualified, and innovative IT-service provider, focussing on quality custom services.

We cover the full product development cycle from first sketch to delivered product, to help you develop that product or project that everybody tells you is "impossible", whether as a standalone project, or as part of your DevOps environment.

The broad and deep technical expertise of Konynenberg Software Engineering, based on more than 30 years of experience, covers various subjects, such as:

  • Internet: Firewalls, VPN, Security, IPv4/IPv6, Routing
  • Unix/Linux, C/C++/Python/Shell/Go etc programming
  • Distributed Systems Management
  • Unix POSIX/SUS en Internet RFC standards
  • Free/Libre/Open Source Software Development
  • VoIP (Internet Telephony)